Download SpeQ Mathematics 3.4

You can choose to download a setup file or a zipfile with SpeQ Mathematics. To install SpeQ on your computer, download and run the setup file. If you want to use SpeQ as a portable application on your USB-stick or somewhere else you can download and unzip the zipfile.


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Size606 kB
Release date5-April-2010
FeaturesFeature list
What's new?ChangeLog

The following languages are supported: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Additional downloads

There are two localized usersguides in Croatian (Hrvatski) and Russian available for download.



This file contains the Croatian (Hrvatski) translation of the usersguide and program language file.



This file contains the Greek (Hellenic) translation of the usersguide and program language file.



This file contains the Russian translation of the usersguide and program language file.


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Version Size Release date Features Whats New
SpeQ Mathematics 3.4 606 kB 7-Apr-2010 Featurelist 3.4
Changelog 3.4
SpeQ Mathematics 3.3 539 kB 24-Apr-2008 Featurelist 3.3
Changelog 3.3
SpeQ Mathematics 3.2 518 kB 31-Dec-2007 Featurelist 3.2
Changelog 3.2
SpeQ Mathematics 3.1 496 kB 12-Nov-2007 Featurelist 3.1
Changelog 3.1
SpeQ Mathematics 3.0 454 kB 23-Jun-2007 Featurelist 3.0
Changelog 3.0
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.5 406 kB 18-Oct-2006 Featurelist 2.3.5
Changelog 2.3.5
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.4 380 kB 02-Aug-2006 Featurelist 2.3.4
Changelog 2.3.4
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.3 340 kB 16-May-2006 Featurelist 2.3.3
Changelog 2.3.3
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.2 340 kB 30-Mar-2006 Featurelist 2.3.2
Changelog 2.3.2
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.1 323 kb 17-Feb-2006 Featurelist 2.3.1
Changelog 2.3.1
SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.0 314 kB 10-Feb-2006 Featurelist 2.3.0
Changelog 2.3.0
SpeQ Mathematics 2.1 123 kB 05-Jan-2005 Featurelist 2.1
Changelog 2.1
SpeQ Calculator 1.0 24 kB 05-Sep-2003 Featurelist 1.0
Changelog 1.0