Online users guide

For help on how to use SpeQ, you can read the users guide online.

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Programming tutorials

You can find programming tutorials and example code at the tutorials page. The examples include expression parsers, matrix classes, a webserver, cgi programming, and more.


Below a list of related sites.

Mathworld The web's most extensive mathematics resource

Mathematics portal Mathematics portal on Wikipedia, a well known online encyclopedia

Physics Classroom Very clear and extensive tutorials about all basic physics for high school students.

Math Tutorials Basic mathematics tutorials with interactive java applets.

Varsity Tutors Private, academic tutoring, tests, and learning tools.

Homepage in Serbo-Croatian Translation of the homepage in Serbo-Croatian.

Homepage in French Translation of the homepage in French.

Homepage in Ukrainian Translation of the homepage in Ukrainian by Kate Belevets of OhMyEssay.


SpeQ Mathematics is no longer under active development, but feel free to send an email to the author, Jos de Jong, if you have any questions.