History of SpeQ Mathematics

Created by W.J. de Jong
Homepage: www.speqmath.com

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 3.4
Release Date: 2010-04-07 (updated 2010-06-18)

Update 2010-06-18:
updated The Spanish translation.
fixed A bug which plotted Plot(Sin(x),x) as two functions, Sin(x) and x.

Release 2010-04-07:
new Function Run(filename) added, which evaluates the contents of a speq file. This way you can easily include a file with your own commonly used variables, functions, and units into all of your worksheets.
new Function AddUnit(name {, relation}{,prefixtype}). You can now add your own custom units too.
new Operator In for units, "x In unit". This operator is the same as function Convert(x, unit). The operator In supports lists, and the function Convert not. Example usage: "5.1 Inch In Meter", "10 °C In °F", etc.
new Function fnSolve(f(x) {, x} {, xstart}), to find zero points of a function.
new Binary SI units for calculations with bits and bytes.
new Units fully support exponent suffixes now, fore example "mm2" is interpreted as square millimeter, and "m3" as cubic meter.
new Added units: Angstrom, mil, sqmil.
changed Implicit multiplications with units now have lower precedence than explicit multiplication and division. So for example "12V/6A" is now calculated as "(12*V)/(6*A) = 2 Ohm" instead of "((12*V)/6)*A = 2 W".
changed Function factorial (x!) is now much faster for decimal values. Thanks to Rafael.
changed Some changes in the arrangement of functions and units in the Functions window.
changed The accuracy optimizer is improved. For example Cos(90 deg) now gives 0 instead of 7.273641325e-16.
changed Adding and subtracting temperatures is now only allowed with the same temperature scale (for example 20 Celsius + 5 Celsius) or in Kelvin (for example 20 Celsius + 5 Kelvin), to prevent conversion issues.
changed SpeQ uses a different degree (°) character now, which is supported by more different fonts and by the web. This character is not backwards compatible.
fixed Bug with calculating Atan2 and Arg when Angles was set to Degrees or Gradians.
fixed SpeQ crashed when you opened more than 9 functions in one graph.
fixed Some problems with non-Western fonts
fixed Units: small rounding error in the unit foot and mile fixed. Units Litre and L now support prefixes.
fixed Problem loading files with a dot in the name
fixed SpeQ checks now at startup whether the stored window position fits in the current screen dimensions. If not, the position is adjusted.
fixed Various stability issues, and other small improvements.

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 3.3
Release Date: 2008-04-24

new When plotting functions, the vertical axis (y-axis) is automatically adjusted to the range of the plotted functions.
new User will get a warning when using SpeQ portably, and checking the option "Associate files" in the Settings window, because this will leave traces onto the computer.
new When you have SpeQ installed on your computer, the settings are stored in the local user application data folder. So multiple users on one computer will have their own settings stored.
new SpeQ supports special characters for square (²), cube (³), degree (°), and micro (µ). However, these characters are only supported on computers with Western character sets. SpeQ has now an option to turn usage of these characters off.
new New option "Automatically adjust prefix of units". When this option is selected, for example 2350000 mm is changed to 2.35 km.
new New option "Automatically copy answer after a calculation", see Settings Window, tab Expressions.
new Physical constants have units now (for example AtomicMass returns now 1.660538731e-27 kg, and Gravity returns 9.80665 m/s².
new Scientific notation Engineer added. This notation chooses the power in the notation as a multiple of three.
new Option "Automatically check for updates" added. When checked, SpeQ will check if there are updates available when starting up.
new The usersguide is placed in a subfolder \usersguide and renamed to English.chm. It is possible to add translations of the usersguide into this folder. SpeQ will automatically check if there is a usersguide in used language available and if so, use this one.
new Unit eV (ElectronVolt) added.
changed The value of the constant ElementaryCharge is changed from 1.60217648740e-19 to 1.6021765314e-19 in order to match with the unit ElectronVolt.
fixed You can now give user defined functions a list as parameter. For example "a=(1,2,3)", "f(x)=x*2", "f(a)" now returns "Ans=(2,3,4)" instead of an error.
fixed Unit steradian is now called sr instead of the incorrect st.
fixed The value of the constant ElementaryCharge was wrong (1.602176487e19 instead of the correct 1.602176487e-19)
fixed Fraction did not work for some arbitrary values, like Fraction(1/2 - 15/36).
fixed Some minor bug fixes
fixed 29 April 2008:
Fixed a problem with silent install of SpeQ Mathematics ("speq_setup.exe /S")

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 3.2
Release Date: 2007-12-31

new Logical functions IIf() and Repeat() added.
new Statistical functions do support units now.
new Added physical constant ElementaryCharge.
new Added unit psi (pound-force per squared inch) and lbf (pound-force).
new The update function is now able to apply an update also when SpeQ is used portable.
changed You will get an error when you try to perform operations between values with dismatching units (for example "2m+3kg" or "2.5m+4")
changed When trying to use units in functions that does not support units, you get a warning (for example Log(3 cm)), instead of ignorance of the unit.
changed Changed unit lb (pound-mass) into lbm, to prevent confusion with pound-force (lbf).
changed At first runtime you will not be asked to choose a language any longer. You can choose your language in the Settings window.
fixed Bug with displaying units with an exponent between 0 and 1 (for example 3m^(1/2) was dispayed as 3/m^(1/2)).
fixed A bug when complex units should cancel out, for example with "m²/N*Bar".
fixed A bug in simplifying complex units.
fixed Function Convert() did not work when using it in a variable or function definition.
fixed Function Abs() did not preserve unit, for example with Abs(-5 cm).
fixed Wrong definition of the unit g (gram), error with a factor 1000 which shows up when converting to units like pound or grain.
fixed Bug in removing file association.
fixed Some minor bugs fixed.

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 3.1
Release Date: 12-Nov-2007

new Extensive support for units (See "Units" in the functionstree of SpeQ). You can enter calculations like "3.4m + 5cm", "Convert(8cm, inch)", "3 Ohm * 1.2 A", "2 Bar + 0.32 N/mm²".
new Support for multiple languages. Adjustable in the Settings window
new Operators x² and x³ to calculate the square and cube of x. You can insert these operators with quickkeys Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3.
new Option "Insert 'Ans' before operators at the start of a line", so you can now turn this option on or off. In SpeQ 3.1 'Ans' is also inserted before the operator -, in contrast to previous versions.
fixed A bug fixed which occured when using the same user defined function at both sides of an operator. For example a function "f(x)=x^2" in an expression like "f(2)+f(3)".
fixed Bug with user defined functions that causes a circular reference.
fixed Some minor bug fixes.

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 3.0
Release Date: 23-Jun-2007

new Calculations with lists. You can for example define a variable
"myvar = (2,3,4+1,8.3)". To get some specific elements from a list you can enter for example "myvar(2)" or "myvar(3, 4)". To change the values of some specific elements you can enter something like "myvar(3, 4) = (2.34, 8.2)".
new Statistical function Sort(a, b, c, ...) and logical operator Not(a) added
new You can get the results of your calculations by default in different representations: Bin, Dec, Oct, Hex or as Fraction.
new Conversion functions: Deg2Rad(x), Rad2Deg(x), Grad2Rad(x), Rad2Grad(x), Cycle2Rad(x), Rad2Cycle(x)
new Some handy menu functions added. In the menu Edit you can now choose Comment or Uncomment, to comment or uncomment the selection. Quick-keys for this are Ctrl+R and Ctrol+T
new By pressing Ctrl+D the last calculated expression will be copied to the clipboard. By pressing Ctrl+C the last calculated answer will be copied to the clipboard.
new Added alias Trunc for the function Fix
new More functions do support complex values now
new Two shortcuts to the system variables Representation and SciNotation added to the statusbar. Also line and column counter added to the statusbar.
changed Improved speed with calculations, more than twice as fast compared to SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.5.
changed The behavior of the action "Recalculate sheet", F5 key, is changed. The cursor remains on the same position, instead of scrolling down to the end of the sheet.
changed Lines in the workarea are now colored real-time, not only after a recalculation.
changed Legend text of a plotted function: is now by default the function itself. If you want to hide a function from the Legend box, you have to make the Legend textbox empty.
changed With Ctrl+Arrowskeys you can move a graph, and with Shift+Arrowskeys you can move the tracepoint with small steps. This is changed because of conflicting key combinations
fixed Accuracy error with for example "Sin(-1*pi)" and "(-1)^(-1)" solved.
fixed Problem with the function fnInt with periodic functions, for example "fnInt(Sin(x)^2,0,2*Pi)" did give problems.
fixed Problem solved with plotting assymptotes,
for example with "Plot(7*x + 2*e^(-3*x))"
fixed The splitterbars for changing the width of the memorylist and the functionstree are now also working on winNT and win2000.
fixed Some minor bugs.

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.5
Release Date: 18-Oct-2006

new Quick key Ctrl+C to copy the last answer to the clipboard if there is no text selected.
new Quick key F2 to open the Settings window.
new Quick keys + and - to zoom a graph in and out.
Quick keys Ctrl+Arrowkeys to move a graph.
new SpeQ can handle hexagonal, binary and octal values (see the page Numeral Systems). You can enter these values by a prefix for example Hexagonal: 0x33DF, Binary: 0b1101, Octal: 0o177
new Functions Hex, Bin, Dec and Oct for specifying in which numeral system the output values are represented.
new System variable Bytes to specify the number of bytes used for hexagonal, binary and octal numbers.
new Option "Show leading zeros in binary, hexadecimal and octal numbers".
new A search functionallity for the Functionstree.
new There is a folder with example sheets added to the program. All examples come from the usersguide.
changed The math constant "Mill" is changed into "Mills"
changed The Settings window is expanded: All options are collected there now. The options for Angles, Decimals, Scientific Notation are moved from the menu to the Settings window.
changed There is now an automatic update manager.
changed The function "Expression >Frac" is now changed to "Fraction(Expression)" for a more consistent syntax of the program. The old function is still available.
changed Some small internal changes and improvements
changed 20-Jan-2007:
The executable is now compressed with UPX instead of Petite. When compressed with Petite, some anti virus programs gave a false virus warning when running SpeQ.
fixed Some minor bugs
fixed 28-Oct-2006:
SpeQ does now check for circular references in user defined functions
fixed 28-Oct-2006:
In the provided example "using constants.spq" there was an error "radius = 2*diameter;", changed to "radius = 0.5*diameter;"
fixed 27-Feb-2007:
The functions Sec, Csc and Cot did not take into account if Angles was set to degrees or gradians, the functions always calculated the answer for radians. Fixed in version 2.3.5 (built 3).

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.4
Release Date: 02-Aug-2006

new A lot of new figure properties for Title, Legend, Labels, Grid, Axes, Fonts, LineStyle. See the usersguide for more information.
new Around 80 new built-in mathematical and physical constants, see Math Constants and Physical Constants
new You can edit the plotted functions from within the Figure itself.
new You can plot graphs with a logarithmic scale.
new You can save graphs as Enhanced Meta File (EMF). When you save the graph as EMF, the image will always look sharp, also when you resize the image.
new Integer Functions: Round, Floor, Ceil, Fix.
new Probability Function: Factorial. Acts the same as the operator x!.
new Statistical Function: Median.
new Bitwise operators << (bitshift left) and >> (bitshift right).
new Options (see window Settings):
Systray Icon,
Minimize to SysTray,
Close to SysTray,
Stay always on top
changed Names of Figure properties: ShowAxes, ShowGrid, ShowLegend and ShowProperties are renamed to AxesStyle, GridStyle, LegendStyle, Properties.
changed If you want to hide the answerline you now have to end the line with a semicolon ";" instead of a colon ":". This is done in consideration of future vector and matrix calculations. The colon is needed for another purpose then.
fixed SpeQ crashed when you entered ";" on a line and pressed Enter to calculate
fixed A bug when the power of two values results in a complex value, for example with (-3)^2.5
fixed The function rand didn't work any longer
fixed Some small bugs

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.3
Release Date: 16-May-2006

fixed Angles mode couldn't be changed through the menu or statusbar. Calculations where always done in radians.
fixed Bug in function nCr(n, r)
fixed Bug in the option "Adjust spaces in expressions"

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.2
Release Date: 30-Mar-2006

new The imaginary number i, per definition i2 = -1
new Complex number calculations with
the operators +, -, *, /, ^.
new All arithmetic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions supports complex values
new Functions for complex numbers:
Re(a + bi)
Im(a + bi)
Abs(a + bi)
Arg(a + bi)
Conj(a + bi)
new Functions Atan2(y, x), Log(x, base), Sign(x)
new The usersguide is online available at www.speqmath.com/usersguide/. SpeQ will automatically open the online usersguide if the offline usersguide is not available (usersguide.chm).
When you are running SpeQ from an USB-stick and you want to save some space, you can simply delete the usersguide.
new When you ask for a figure property in the workarea, the value is now directly filled in in the variable Ans (for example when you enter "ShowGrid")
new You can now easilly check if you have the newest version of SpeQ installed on your computer: Menu "Help", "Check updates"
new Option "Optimize accuracy in calculations", To prevent accuracy errors that would occur with for example "2*Sin(pi)"
changed Functions ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcSinh, ArcCosh, ArcTanh renamed to ASin, ACos, ATan, ASinh, ACosh, ATanh.
Functions Average, StdDev, Variance renamed to Avg, Std, Var. The former function names are still available.
fixed Some minor bugs fixed

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.1
Release Date: 17-Feb-2006

new New operator to calculate the modulus: % or Mod
changed The variable SciNotation can now be set to three values: Auto (automatically), on or Off. Until now this was On or Off.
changed The characters % and # can not be used any longer for start of a remark, you can only use ' to start a remark.
changed When cursor is halfway a line and you press >Enter> the line is recalculated instead of splitted. You can split the line with <ctrl+Enter>.
changed The operators &, |, || are now bitwise operators instead of logical operators
fixed fnInt(x^2, 1, 0) did give no error "empty interval"
fixed Aliases Acos and Atan where replaced with wrong function
fixed Functions Sec, Csc and Cot did always calculate the value in Radians.
fixed Variable SciNotation was not saved. Did give also a wrong error message when assigning a value other than On or Off.
fixed The command "Figure = expression" did not work correctly
fixed Some other minor bugs

Version: SpeQ Mathematics 2.3.0
Date: 10-Feb-2006

new New site: www.speqmath.com
new Conditional operators: =, <>, <, >, <=, >=
new Logical operators: And, Or, Xor, &, |, ||
new Some extra Hyperbolic functions
new Analysis functions fnInt and fnDiff
new Context sensitive help, you can select a keyword and press F1 to get help
new Plot graphs.
- User-friendly trace, move and zoom functionality
- Analyse intersections, minima and maxima
- Adjust all figure properties in the Propertylist or in the Workarea
- functions: Plot, RGB, Close, CloseAll
new Probability functions nCr, nPr, !, Rand, RandInt
changed Command functions to set mode for angles and decimals
changed Faster evaluation of expressions
changed The Functionstree and Memorylist are changed

Version: SpeQ 2.1
Release Date: 05-01-2005

New Define and use your own functions like "F(x) = 0.5 * x^2"
New Functionstree with an overview of all available functions
New Memorylist with an overview of all variables and functions in memory.
New Statistical functions
New Colored sheetinterface
New Detailed users guide
Changed Faster evaluation of expressions

Version: SpeQ Calculator 1.0
Release Date: 05-06-2003

new Basic calculations with the operators + - * / ^ !
new Expression calculations with parentheses ( )
new Constants Pi and e
new Define and use your own variables
new Most common scientific functions
new Trigonometrical functions
new Hyperbolic functions
new Save and load sheets